Moment when the man wakes up to see his wife reciting spells with his photo inside the bottle (video)


A woman made her husband jump out of his skin when she played a love joke on him in his sleep.

She put their joint photos inside a bottle and placed it next to the bed near where he slept.


In a video posted online, the wife brought a candle and a plant in a vase and began to recite incantations aloud in English.

She said the words repeatedly and louder with each sentence, at some point, he woke up and took a closer look at the bottle only to see his picture inside.

When the man heard his woman say the words; “You are not going anywhere, we will be together forever”, he immediately jumped out of bed, screamed in fear and ran to another room.


The man finally realized it was a joke, but she continued to recite, so he went back into the room and playfully slapped her across the cheeks.

Look the following video:

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