Joker Bookstore: Memoirs of Prince Harry ‘Spare’ and ‘How to Kill Your Family’ by Bella Mackie on display

A BOOKSTORE manager made passersby laugh yesterday by placing Prince Harry Spare’s memoir next to Bella Mackie’s bestseller How to Kill Your Family in his window.

Alex Call arranged the display so that copies of each would appear together at Bert’s Books, in Swindon, Wilts.

Prince Harry’s memoir Spare was exhibited alongside Bella Mackie’s How to Kill Your Family at Bert’s Books in Swindon.

Mick Gaffney was among those who bought the book in Windsor.Credit: Jon Bond

Alex, 35, said: “We thought it would make everyone laugh.

“Most people have taken it in the spirit in which it was intended, but some think it’s a bit petty.”

Meanwhile, Spare was said by her publisher, Transworld Penguin Random House, as her best-selling nonfiction book to date.

More than 400,000 copies were sold, he said.

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Mick Gaffney, 63, was among those who bought the book in Windsor.

He bought two, one for his wife and one for his daughter, but he doesn’t plan to read it himself.

Mick said: “My wife Amanda specially kicked me out of bed to go get her and my daughter a copy.

“They are both huge fans of the royals and have been following everything that Harry has been saying in his interviews.

“I don’t plan on reading it, I won’t have to because my wife will tell me everything.”

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