Damar Hamlin returns to Buffalo after hospital discharge

Last week, Damar Hamlin suffered a horrible injury on Monday Night Football. Many of you will remember that Hamlin went into cardiac arrest after being punched by Tee Higgins. Overall, it was a freak accident that resulted in the implementation of life-saving precautions in the field.

Hamlin was reported to have received nine minutes of CPR and AED. It is usually very difficult to survive these types of medical emergencies, however medical professionals worked tirelessly to keep him alive. Eventually, Hamlin was sent to the UC Health Center where he was on a ventilator.

Throughout the week, Hamlin got progressively better. He began to breathe on his own and it became clear that his neurological function was still intact. Additionally, Hamlin began talking to and supporting his teammates during the Bills vs. Patriots game.

According to NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport, Hamlin has been officially released from the hospital. This means that he is officially allowed to go home to his family in Buffalo. However, it was noted that Hamlin will be heading to a local hospital as he still needs tests. Although he is doing significantly better, he still needs to be monitored.

Meanwhile, Hamlin himself has commented on the news, saying: “Seeing the world come together around me on Sunday was truly an incredible feeling. The same love that all of you have shown me is the same love that I plan to give back to the world and more.”

No matter how you do it, his recovery is amazing. There were many who thought that he would perish on the field. However, the medical professionals did their job every step of the way. We couldn’t be happier that he’s doing so well right now, and we’re still looking forward to his recovery.

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