“48-year-old fashionista refuses to stop wearing crop tops”

A 48-YEAR-OLD fashion guru has shrugged off online criticism to show off her incredible cropped fit.

Fritzie Cencil showed off her daring style in a TikTok video, explaining to The US Sun why age will never stop her from expressing herself.

Fritzie Cencil wore strappy sandals and a daring matching setCredit: TikTok/fashionistasalondon

She danced defiantly in front of the camera.Credit: TikTok/fashionistasalondon

In her TikTok video, Cencil showed no qualms about wearing clothes that few 48-year-olds would dare to wear.

She danced confidently in front of the camera, wearing a matching navy ensemble with a built-in thong detail and showing off her taut midriff.

“When someone tells me to dress my age”, read the text on the screen, set up the song lyrics by rapping “OK OK OK”.

She credited intermittent fasting, carb rationing, 45 minutes of exercise at home, and laughter as the secrets to maintaining her figure.

Many commenters showed their support for the fashion blogger.

“I want to be like you when I grow up,” wrote one fan.

“If you have it, flaunt it,” said another.

Cencil also posted videos of her workout routine and daily outfit choices to her TikTok account.

“I exercise at home to keep my aging body in shape,” he said.

Speaking to the US Sun, Cencil also had a few choice words for her fashion critics.

“Dress how you want, age is not the definition of your fashion. Shout your style, not your age,” she said.

Despite the backlash to her bold fashion sense, she posted several viral videos in defense of her appearance.

“Born in the 70s, raised in the 80s, delirious in the 90s. 2020s: I aspire to inspire before I die,” he wrote in a video.

“At 48, my life is better than when I was 28,” he wrote in another. “Proud of the woman I’ve become [sic],” she added.

When dealing with haters, Cencil gave advice to his followers.

“Don’t change who you are to match your surroundings. Choose a better environment and be yourself,” she wrote.

she danced to the song "freestyle lost and found"

She danced to the song “Lost and Found Freestyle”Credit: TikTok/fashionistasalondon

She completed her look with cat-eye sunglasses and a bold red lip.

She completed her look with cat-eye sunglasses and a bold red lip.Credit: TikTok/fashionistasalondon

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