Super Nintendo World: How to Earn Power Up Raid Points

when super Nintendo world opens in universal studios hollywood next month, visitors will be encouraged to purchase a Power-Up Band. At first glance, the Power-Up Bands resemble Disney’s Magic Bands; each features a colorful character from the Mario Universe. However, Power-Up Bands are a bit different and help sell the idea of super nintendo world as an extension of Nintendo video games. Through these bands, visitors will be able to add points and interact with different attractions. In an interview with’s Aaron Perine, Universal VP Creative Jon Corfino went into detail about how players use bands to earn points.

“So once again, there is no order, no rules here,” Corfio began. “It’s like the game. You can explore it however you want. You can go everywhere, in any order. So, it’s all about discovery. So if I’m here and I see one of these icons, I can press right here and [1-up noise] I just received some points. Any question block you see, you can get more points. You will find them as we wander. You’ll just want to explore, just like the game. That’s the big difference here, unlike other rides and attractions we’ve done, and others have done, this is putting it in a game. He’s not trying to take you backstage at a movie. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but it’s more like you’re inside the game. So everything you do is linked to [A Power-Up Band].”

While the Power-Up Bands will have an app at the park, guests will still be able to use them at home. Power-Up Bands work as amiibowhich means they can be scanned into various Nintendo Switch games such as mario kart 8 deluxe. So if you need a Toad or Princess Peach amiibo, it might be the one inside the park! It’s a great secondary use and could make the Power-Up Band a more tempting purchase for some Nintendo fans.

Super Nintendo World will open on February 17 at Universal Studios Hollywood.

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