Primark Haul: £500 worth of clothes, housewares and baby stuff

MOST of us will admit that it’s impossible to leave Primark with just what you said you were looking for.

But now a shopper has taken to TikTok to share her slew of deals, after spending over £500 at the discount store.

Gemma regularly shares bargain fashion purchases with her 1,100 followers.Credit: TikTok/@gemmaunpacked

Her followers loved this luxurious-looking beige blazer, which is just £27.Credit: TikTok/@gemmaunpacked

Gemma also bought some basic vests, although her followers weren't impressed that they've gone up from 80p to £2.

Gemma also bought some basic vests, although her followers weren’t impressed that they’ve gone up from 80p to £2.Credit: TikTok/@gemmaunpacked

Gemma, known online as @gemmaunpacked, regularly shares fashion purchases with her 1,100 followers.

In a new video, the savvy shopper shares everything she picked up on her trip to Primark, including luxe-looking workwear, underwear and pajamas.

The first thing she grabbed was a khaki green turtleneck jumpsuit, which was just £7, and a two-pack of slouchy, comfy socks for £4.

Gemma also bought a thong three-pack for £4, three seamless seamless bralettes for £11 and a beige teddy clutch for £14.

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She also picked out a faux fur headband, £4, and an oversized beige blazer, priced at £27.

A knitted midi skirt cost the Primark superfan £14, and a cream tie-front cardigan cost just £8.

The content creator also bought a cream-colored robe, decorated with a figure-eight pattern.

She also bought some “ultra-soft” pink ribbed pajamas and an oversized white patterned T-shirt for £5.

Gemma also cashed in on her bargain basics, grabbing a white, gray and black tank top for £2 each.

Beneath the video, the bargain hunter added: “This is only part 1, don’t worry. I bought for the little ones in my family and things for the home too.”

Fans loved the smart shopper journey, and the video garnered over 54,000 likes and 450,000 views.

But in the comments, Gemma’s fans were distracted by the fact that the outlet store may have increased its prices, with one writing: “Primark prices aren’t what they used to be anymore.”

Another said: “Primark is getting too brave with their prices.”

A third added: “My God, vests used to be 80 pence.”

Gemma replied: “I remember! I used to love going as a kid and buying 30 things for £30.”

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