My lover cheats on me with another woman – Side Chic screams


A secondary chic has expressed her disapproval of her lover’s decision to start dating another woman besides her and her main chic.

He regretted that the man is only supposed to be with two women and not three, so he will do everything in his power to ruin his relationship with the third woman.


According to the lady, she likes the main elegance and wants her to marry her lover, so she fights for her.

She explained that she was best friends with the guy before they took their friendship to the next level while he was still in a relationship.

She said that they have a crazy bond that she doesn’t want to end and she doesn’t want another girl to get over her.


The side girl further said that she will only stop dating him if he marries his main girl.

She wrote: “My boyfriend is cheating on me and his main girl with another girl. We can’t be 3 women in this relationship now. I really like the main girl, I want him to marry her. I’m going to ruin it with the new girl.

Please, he was my best friend before I found his main. We have a crazy bond and I don’t want to end it. No overtaking around here. The guy is for me and the main girl.

Oh yeah yeah I actually like his main girl oo. I only protect him for her when they fight. I hold it for her so no one can reach it. After they marry naaa, I’ll leave.”

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