“Failed Professional Look: Fake Collars Make Me Look Like a Founding Father”

ONLINE shopping can be a hit or miss, and unfortunately for a bargain lover, it was the latter.

Looking to restock her work wardrobe, Brittany, better known to her fans as @lostmymarblesagain on TikTok, decided to order some fake necklaces she had found on Amazon.

Brittany took to TikTok to share the big mistake, where it has since gone viral.Credit: TikTok/@lostmymarblesagain

The fake collar fit so badly that people said he looked like one of the founding fathers.Credit: Getty

Sharing the story, Brittany admitted that she hadn't checked the reviews before making the purchase.

Sharing the story, Brittany admitted that she hadn’t checked the reviews before making the purchase.Credit: TikTok/@lostmymarblesagain

In her mind, she could use this accessory to create cute work outfits and look more dressed up, but things didn’t go as planned.

Showing how badly the necklace looked on her, Brittany took to social media to reveal the big flaw to her 4.2 million followers.

“I bought these fake collars on Amazon so I could wear a sweatshirt and not have to wear a collared shirt underneath.

“Girl… This looks stupid as f**k,” she exclaimed, posing in a purple sweatshirt and the newly purchased white accessory.

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“I am very crazy! What is this?” the amazon shopper was hysterical about how high up his neck was.

“Do not make me angry […]. I can’t even move my fucking head.

“It won’t move down because I have a fat neck!” Brittany was in tears, adding that she was sorry she hadn’t checked the reviews before the purchase.

Needless to say, the video took the popular social media platform by storm, racking up a whopping six million views since it was posted.

There were thousands of comments, with numerous comparisons between Brittany and famous people.

Seeing the mess, one chuckled: “Brittany is the founding father.”

Another was in stitches, writing: “Brittany in her Hamilton era.”

Meanwhile, while someone called her “broski butler,” a fourth said the necklace made her look like a wizard.

“It’s like Magic Mike meets Hamilton,” added one fan on social media.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time Amazon has disappointed customers: Early last year, a shopper was mortified when she saw what had arrived.

Janet Perez, from Illinois, shared the bug on TikTok, where the clip has taken the internet by storm, racking up its 8.5 million views.

After searching Amazon to find the perfect gray blanket for her bedroom, Janet found a bargain on what she thought would be a large blanket.

But what the postman delivered left her in hysterics, after opening the package and realizing why the price was so low.

The cozy blanket was significantly smaller compared to the advertised image, and some amused viewers pointed out that it looks more like a sleeping mat.

“WHAT am I supposed to cover with that?” Janet was furious.

“My foot??”

However, despite the hilarious shopping mistake, many thought she was to blame because she hadn’t read the listing correctly.

”If you look at the floor in the photo, you will see the mat. So your fault,” read one critical comment, while a second agreed: “Sometimes the picture shows everything, so you have to select what you want.

“You must have left it in the pillow case haha.”

One online shopper wrote: “Hahaha I was going to buy that but the size it automatically comes in is 40cm by 80cm or something.”

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Another shared the same horror story: “My mom ordered the same thing for my sister for Christmas and we got a baby blanket.”

“I’M DEAD AS HELL,” one viewer laughed, and someone else wrote: “A dish towel.”

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