Disney Dreamlight Valley: Where to Get Pebbles

There is certainly no shortage of things to craft in Disney Valley of Dreams Light, and each item, path, or fence you build requires at least one of the many resources found throughout the game’s various biomes. One such resource is pebbles, which are needed quite often, especially if you’re creating paths around your valley. We will tell you where to stock up on pebbles below.

Where to Get Pebbles in Disney Dreamlight Valley

The pebbles are obtained by excavation in the following biomes:

  • stunning beach
  • Forest of Valor
  • forgotten lands
  • sunlit plateau

The unfortunate part about digging is that you’ll often get coins, land, and other resources while trying to farm for pebbles, so it can take some time to gather enough to craft the things you’d like to make. However, you can definitely speed things up substantially if you bring along a friend who specializes in digging so you can earn extra materials as you go. Also, you can always use a Miracle Blade Varnish–as long as you’ve gathered the materials to craft one–as it will improve the amount of resources you get while digging.

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