Vogue followers flock to H&M to buy SKIMS Dupes, but it’s not in the women’s section

FASHION fans are still obsessed with the Kim Kardashian Skims hoaxes.

However, with a hefty price ticket, we’re much more obsessed with Skims cheating and cheap costs.

Lily uncovered H&M Skims hoaxes at H&MCredit Score: lilly.evee/Tiktok

Lily discovered the dupes in the children’s part.Credit Score: lilly.evee/Tiktok

Usually, these hoaxes can be found almost everywhere.

eve lily she is a trend influencer, she shares good trend discoveries online.

in one last video Lily was quick to share Skims latest hoax from the last place you’ll ever count on.

She mentioned, “POS, you found Skims Dupes in the kids’ section at H&M.”

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Lily mentioned, “When you go to H&M for a jacket and walk away with the tricked-out Skims from the kids’ sportswear section.”

She continued: ” ¡¡¡

H&M is promoting 2-pack sports activity tops for £17 in basic nude colours.

If you’re not petite enough to fit into youth clothing, H&M has a Working High in DryMove in a vibrant blue for £22.99.

And that’s why they’ve got a tall long sleeve jersey for £8.99 in a variety of colors and sizes.

Lily’s video garnered more than 772,000 views.

One commenter mentioned, “Honestly, h&m kids never go wrong with the basics.”

A second commenter mentioned: “Youth sections will be active.

A third commenter mentioned, “Why is H&M better for kids than women?”

Another commenter mentioned: “I bought fake copies from h&m and they are all amazing.”

Some commenters weren’t so sure that H&M’s basic lounge set was a hoax.

One commenter mentioned: “These are just basic long-sleeved shirts that have been around forever.”

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Another commenter mentioned: “They are great. but definitely [definitly] not deceived.”

Lily mentioned, “It’s the material. They are super soft and form fitting, giving you [you] it cannot be found everywhere.”

H&M has similarly styled tops available in adult sizes.

H&M has similarly styled tops available in adult sizes.Credit Score: lilly.evee/Tiktok

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