STAAH Reveals Top Online Booking Channels for 2022

Global hotel technology giant STAAH has released the list of distribution channels generating the highest hotel booking revenue in 2022. Major players, Agoda and Traveloka top the global list at number one, two and three, respectively.

Coming out of the pandemic, STAAH Booking Engine maintained its position among the top 10 online booking channels for hoteliers in all regions.

Airbnb continues to perform as a popular choice as more traditional hotel companies embrace the channel in recent years, signifying the continued convergence of the short-term rental and hotel industries.

Regionally, Y direct reservations through STAAH they were in the first places for Australia and New Zealand, followed by Expedia. Unsurprisingly, GoMMT continues to hold a stronghold in the top spot in India, with and Agoda in positions two and three.

The relevance of regional online channels in bookings is clearly visible, particularly in countries with reduced international travel in recent years. Traveloka, Tiket and MG Holidays are among the top 10 channels in Malaysia, with Ctrip and Hotelbeds in the top list in the Philippines. In the UK, along with, Agoda, Expedia and Airbnb, and Mr & Mrs Smith were popular booking platforms.

The presence of wholesalers like the leading bedbank hotelbeds in the top 10 channels shows the importance of these channels in a property’s distribution mix.

“The pandemic has made traveler booking behaviors and preferences evolve. Our data indicates that accommodation providers across the board are leveraging a mix of traditional and new channels to attract guests for a more holistic and dynamic distribution, guest booking and revenue strategy,” says Tony Howlett, CEO of STAAH Ltd.

STAAH data also shows that hotels are more attracted to direct bookings, as more and more travelers make hotel websites a part of their booking process.

“By leveraging STAAH’s dynamic pricing and inventory management features and combining them with attractive incentives, our partners have been able to increase bookings through their websites (direct bookings),” says Tony..

“Extended metasearch strategies, including significant integration with Free Google Booking Linksit has further helped drive the growth of direct bookings.”

With hundreds of distribution channels available, it can be challenging for properties to choose the right mix of channels for optimal exposure in different regions and target audiences. “Our data is available to help hosting providers make insightful decisions about which mix of channels—global, regional, local, and niche—could have the most impact for their distribution strategy,” adds Tony.

New Zealand

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AustraliaAustralian 1


Indian 2


Malaysia 1


Thailand 1


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singapore 1

United Kingdom

UK 1

Sri Lanka

Sri Lankan 1

Download the complete list: STAAH 2022 Main Channels

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