Meek Mill Shoots Music Video Inside Jubilee House; Ghanaians react

American rapper Meek Mill has released a music video introducing his visit to Ghana with a music video clip shot from the Jubilee House government headquarters in Accra.

Meek Mill was in Ghana to perform in Afrochella and it was well received across the country. Meek Mill, as part of his visit, paid a courtesy call on President Akufo-Addo on the Jubilee.

The music video is believed to have been filmed at the time of the visit, as she was wearing the same clothes.

Since then, Ghanaians on social media have been voicing their outrage over the music video shot by the American rapper and the location.

In snippets of a music video that have been shared online, Meek Mill is seen in various sections of thr Jubilee House with his “gang” filming the music video.

Meek Mill is first seen on the facade of the Jubilee House main building compound while rapping. The video moves inside the seat of government.

Meek Mill and his entourage while rapping were seen making their way up the Jubilee House tunnel towards reception as they continued to rap in the video.

The entire crew posed behind the podium bearing the Presidential Seal of the Republic of Ghana.

It is still not clear if the video was officially recorded with permission or if it was an amateur mobile video illegally recorded in a clip without official permission.

The online outrage suggests that many Ghanaians are not happy with the development.

See some reactions below:

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