Farouk Aliu Mahama gives account of his 2-year administration as Yendi MP

Alhaji Farouk Aliu Mahama has given an account of his 2-year tenure as Member of Parliament (MP) for the Yendi constituency of the northern region.

It has echoed your determination to build New Yendi City where the Electors feel the impact of my presence in the House in their daily lives.

In a 7-point detail of what has started and what remains to be done, the legislator pledged to do everything in his power to make Yendi a better place.

Read his full account below;

1. Distinguished constituents of Yendi, two years ago today, I was officially sworn to represent you in the august House of Parliament after your historic endorsement of my candidacy in the December 7, 2020 election.

2. I would like to thank my party base: the PNP, constituency members, opinion leaders and bosses for the ongoing support I have enjoyed over the past two years in my quest to represent and promote our diverse and collective interests and aspirations.

3. Over these past 24 months, I have been working very hard despite some clear challenges and roadblocks to get you, my constituents, better off than you were before I took office. Together with your support, the prayers and hard work of my team and the favor of Almighty God, we have achieved many things for the constituency.

4. Dear constituents, sisters and brothers, I am well aware of the work we have to do to instill hope and give our people a good life, be it our working mothers, the youth, the children, the peasants, the students. etc. For this reason, I am reinvigorated and more determined in my desire and ambition to build the New Yendi City where the Electors feel the impact of my presence in the House in their daily lives.

5. During the last two years of my first term as an MP, we have undertaken a variety of projects, programs and activities for the constituents without help, through positive partnerships and by the administration led by President Nana Addo.

6. Fellow constituents, a new year is here with us and we have bright hope for a great future. In this third year of my first term, we are moving forward with faith in Allah, strength and industry to build on the achievements of the past year. We’re not done yet. We will work harder to achieve additional and lasting improvements in all sectors.

7. My commitment is, is and always will be to do everything in my power to make Yendi a better place. Let’s re-engage our energies and focus on the ones that bind us rather than the ones that break us. Thank you once again for the unconditional support.

God bless us all, Yendi and our country, Ghana.

Happy and prosperous New Year!

Hon. Farouk Aliu Mahama

MP, Yendi constituency.

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