Caroline Flack’s former publicist criticizes Prince Harry’s e-book

Caroline Flack and Prince Harry.
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carolina flackformer publicist for , Alex Mullenhit prince harry for detailing his relationship with the late television presenter, who committed suicide in 2020.

“It is absolutely disgusting that Prince Harry would reveal such private details about Caroline Flack,” wrote the artistic director of APM Media via instagram on Friday, January 7. “The way the press talked about her at the time and the reason they parted ways are very sad and disgusting that she has brought up old forgotten insults she had to suffer in the public eye around the world.”

Added Mullen: “Of course Caroline reacted with humor and grace, but in private she was deeply hurt; she only the first of many injustices that she did not deserve ”.

In his book Spare, due to be released on Tuesday 10 January, the 38-year-old Duke of Sussex recalled his brief 2009 romance with Love Island UK host. He recalled that the media attacked her and insulted her middle-class upbringing.

“Very shortly after Flack and I were photographed, those photos sparked a frenzy. Within hours, a crowd was camped out in front of Flack’s parents’ house, and all his friends’ houses, and his grandparents’ house,” Harry recalled in Spare. “She was described in a newspaper as my ‘a little rough’, because she once worked in a factory or something. Jesus, I thought, are we really a country of obnoxious snobs?

In his Instagram post, Mullen continued: “Harry’s decision to remember all the terrible things said about her to help sell her awful book is grotesque.”

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The AlphaOmega Data director also criticized the prince for speaking out about Flack’s death, which came more than a decade after their breakup. “Also, and perhaps worst of all, he writes as if he had some idea why Carrie took her own life, repeating media reports as if they were reality. Blame the press because that’s what he read about it. She doesn’t know anything,” Mullen explained.

As Harry and Spouse Meghan Markle handled the consequences of giving up their roles as royals, Harry received “the horrible news” in February 2020 that Flack had committed suicide. “She couldn’t take it anymore, apparently,” he wrote. “Relentless abuse at the hands of the press, year after year, had finally broken her.”

Mullen claims that Harry doesn’t know enough to bring it up. “Maybe he should be considering how he and Meghan Markle could have caused queen elizabeth ii pain just when she lost her husband of 70 years and while she was on her way to her last goodbye, “concluded the former publicist. “The royal family needs to strip him of all titles immediately.”

Before he died at age 40, Flack recalled his romance with Harry in his personal memoir, 2014’s Storm in a C Cup.

“She was no longer Caroline Flack, TV presenter, she was Caroline Flack, Prince Harry’s rude,” she wrote, referring to the nickname given to her by the British press. “Once the story got out, that was it. We had to stop seeing each other.”

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