Marvel’s Midnight Suns offer makes the game the lowest price yet

Marvel’s Midnight Suns It’s on sale now and is now at the lowest price the game has ever had. Marvel’s Midnight Suns it’s yet another win for the Marvel Games imprint, as the brand has been distributing its various heroes to different studios for the past decade or so. After Activision and Sega had the rights to many of the big heroes, Marvel Games began to approach things differently in the 2010s by spreading their intellectual property. This not only ensured that we got more variety, but also new versions of the characters. Spider-Man has appeared in 4 different video game universes in the last 8 years, ensuring that he stays up to date for video game players.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns It was a refreshing approach to a ton of Marvel heroes, since it was a turn-based RPG from the folks who gave us games like X-Com. With such a talented studio at the helm in a genre it does best in, it was hard to imagine this game not succeeding. Now, if you have been waiting to try the game for whatever reason, you can get it at a pretty affordable price. All versions of Marvel’s Midnight Suns they are now 33% off, making it as low as $40 at Steam and $46.89 on consoles. The two special editions of the game, Digital+ and Legendary Edition, now cost $53.59 and $66.99 respectively. The Digital+ edition comes with a bunch of additional character skins and the Legendary Edition includes the season pass for the game that will grant you access to Deadpool, Venom, Morbius and more as they are released.

Since it came out at the end of the year around a bunch of other games, Marvel’s Midnight Suns was a bit shadowed. However, it was one of the best RPGs of 2022, if not one of the best games of the year. Us gave the game a 4.5 out of 5 in our reviewyou can read an excerpt here: “Marvel’s Midnight Suns It may not have the most exciting story, but it pretty much makes up for everyone else. The characters are charismatic and charming, the gameplay is meaty and layered, and the player has freedom and choice in and out of combat. It’s a rich RPG that superhero lovers will enjoy, fans of turn-based games will find it very satisfying, and detractors of the genre may even become fans. It’s a marvelous achievement worthy of the iconic comic book publisher’s mark.”


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