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Vampire Survivors is a shooter video game developed by Luca Galante. It features minimalist gameplay and rogue-lite elements where you move thousands of nocturnal creatures and survive until dawn. The game features different arcana, which provide specific bonuses to the game, making the game even better. If you need to know how to unlock Mad Groove in Vampire Survivors, check out our step by step guide!

How to Unlock Mad Groove VIII

To unlock Mad Groove VIII, you will need to reach the 31st minute mark in Mad Forest or defeat Death. When you have enabled Arcana during stage selection and choose Mad Groove, it pulls all stage elements, pickups, and light sources (for example, experience gems) every two minutes towards the character.

According to the game, the official description for Arcana is: “Every 2 minutes it draws all standard stage items, pickups, and light sources towards the character.”

The arcana are optional to play; they can be enabled or disabled during stage selection. Arcana modify gameplay in different ways, depending on which arcana are selected. You can select up to three arcana during a run, and you can choose the first out of all possible arcana, but the second and third will be selected from a random pool of four. These additional arcana are rewards in treasure chests from specific bosses.

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