EPL: It’s incredibly frustrating: Graham Potter was given the condition of staying on as Chelsea manager

Glenn Hoddle has revealed the only condition under which Chelsea owners would allow Graham Potter to continue in charge of the Stamford Bridge club.

Chelsea fell to 10th place in the Premier League after a 1-0 loss to Manchester City on Thursday night.

Riyad Mahrez came on from the bench to score the only goal of the night for the Etihad side and cut the gap between them and top-ranked Arsenal to five.

There are question marks over Potter’s future at Stamford Bridge.

Potter was brought in as Thomas Tuchel’s replacement in September 2022 after the German was sacked by Boehly.

Chelsea spent around £280m on new players ahead of the 2022-23 campaign, with Sutton suggesting that Boehly could decide to sack Potter anytime soon.

“It’s very, very difficult and frustrating for him. [Potter]. I think it should be further along than it is now.

“But when you lose two of your main players in two or three minutes, it’s hard for him.

“But I think he’s nowhere near where he thinks his best team is. He is not close to it.

“I think he’s still scratching his head and saying ‘where’s my best team?’ If they are around this tenth position in 12 games, then there is a problem and[Chelsea’s owners] will no longer be happy.

“If they see that there is an improvement, that at the end of the season they are in the fight for the first four, then I think a long-term project could come in… they will give it time.

“They will give him next season. But if they’re still like this… I don’t see where they’re going at this point. I know it’s been hard.

“They have lost key players to injury, but when Tuchel lost key players to injury, he found a way around it. You have to do something. Yes, the money is there, but it’s not just about the money. You have to spend it wisely.”

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