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IO Interactive has said that the famous Hitman trilogy will come together in one game in a sudden statement. The information was previously announced as we spoke via the IO Interactive official website blog, and it marks the beginning of the next section in the Hitman series. Hitman, probably the best stealth game available on the market, has grown dramatically since its initial release just over 20 years ago. Since the franchise’s inception in 2000, there have been numerous sequels and even two major movie variations.

The series, however, had a welcome resurrection with a dainty remake in 2016. Since then, there have been two sequels: Hitman 2 and Hitman 3, each offering a wealth of DLC content. However, it looks like fans of the franchise will only have to worry about proudly owning one game instead of three.

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IO Interactive said today in a blog post on its official website that Hitman 3 will be re-released as Hitman: World of Assassination starting on January 26 of this year, integrating all three games into one.

With this rebranding, Hitman 3 players will get one free entry to each Hitman 2 and the original Hitman. Additionally, existing Hitman 3 owners will receive a free update to World of Assassination. With the great replay value of the Hitman franchise, integrating all three games into one offering will result in hours of content for many players to enjoy.

According to the blog post, IO Interactive wants to make the checkout process as simple as possible for potential customers. There will be twenty-one unique maps in a single game, giving many players a glimpse into the intriguing world of Hitman who may not have been able to play every setting in the trilogy, but also allowing veteran players to enjoy them all. locations in a single recreation. Hitman: World of Assassination will retail for $70 USD, with a deluxe bundle containing additional content material costing an additional $30 USD.

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There is no doubt that Hitman’s Agent 47 is undoubtedly one of the most enjoyable characters to play because it allows you to put yourself in the shoes of a murderer. The interactive version of IO allows players to be cunning or downright lawless in their actions, but the environment it has built over the years is something that has kept many fans coming back to the series. The ability to play all three entries in the trilogy in a single game will provide an excellent opportunity for players to get a free update and content thanks to the exciting resolution from the developer.

Hitman 3 is already available in the market for PC, PS4, PS5, Swap, Xbox One and Xbox Sequence X/S. The game will be re-released as Hitman: World of Assassination on January 26.

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