2023: Use your votes to end marginalization in Oke Ogun – Accord Party

Accord Party national secretary Adebukola Ajaja has called on the indigenous people of Oke Ogun in Oyo state to use their votes to end what she described as the marginalization of the area in the 2023 general election.

Ajaja made the revelation on Wednesday during the inauguration of the campaign of the Senate candidate of the Oyo North party, Shina Abiola Peller.

Many party chiefs were present at the flag raising which was held at Adabo Market, Palace Square, Ode Oba in Iseyin.

Oyo North consists of thirteen local government areas spread over ten (10) local government areas in Oke Ogun and three (3) local government areas in Ogbomoso.

Addressing party members, Ajaja alleged that the people of Oke Ogun, which has ten local government areas, have been marginalized for many years by Ogbomoso, which has only three local government areas.

The former deputy, however, said that the only way to end marginalization is for the people of the area to vote for the party’s candidate who is also from the area.

She said Oke Ogun women, youth and other indigenous people have been clamoring for an Oke Ogun candidate for Oyo Norte senator in 2023.

He added that all the major political parties chose their candidates from Ogbomoso, except for the Accord Party, which chose an indigenous man from the Oke Ogun area.

Ajaja explained that Accord chose Shina Peller to end the supposed marginalization of the area in 2023.

Ajaja said: “You said you wanted a Senator in Oyo North to come from Oke Ogun in 2023 and Accord has come up with one of their own. It is you who will use your votes to end marginalization.

“All major political parties chose their candidates from Ogbomoso, APC, PDP and even SDP chose their candidates from Ogbomoso and Accord is the only one who chose a candidate from Oke Ogun.

“Women make up 60 percent of the electorate during elections, it’s what you want what you want and it’s what you reject what you reject. So use your votes to correct the marginalization. Use your to end marginalization.

“Young people, you have been claiming that it is your turn to produce the senator of the area and Peller is also a young man. So don’t let anyone take it away from you. God will help us. He uses your votes to elect him and end the marginalization”.

Peller in his remarks explained that the party remains the only party that has the interest of the people in mind.

“I believed that this is a new dawn in our Senate district. In 2019, I asked for your votes to go to the House of Representatives and decided not to seek a second term because I believed in fairness and fairness. I am going for the Senate because I believe in justice and equity. The agreement is the party that has the interest of the people”.

2023: Use your votes to end marginalization in Oke Ogun – Accord Party

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