Paulina Porizkova has ‘nothing to hide’ as she poses topless: photo

Paulina Porizkova.
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paulina porizkova It has nothing to hide”. The supermodel welcomed the new year almost naked.

The 57-year-old native of the Czech Republic took to Instagram on Wednesday, January 4, to share a topless photo of herself along with an empowering message. In her shot, the runway star is seen posing in nothing but black underwear, covering her chest with her arms.

“The New Year is yawning wide,” Porizkova began in the caption of the photo. “I am greeting him naked. Because I have nothing to hide. I’m finally comfortable in my own skin. I don’t need armor when I’m already armed with my experiences and the wisdom they’ve given me.”

Courtesy of Paulina Porizkova/Instagram

She added: “All the really good things are stuffed into this body and are invisible on the outside. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. It’s what keeps me standing tall and proud, even when I’m naked.”

Days before, Porizkova shared his first selfie of 2023, an impressive photo without makeup.

“First morning of 2023, unretouched, unfiltered, and slightly hungover from a wonderful night out with my closest friends and son,” she wrote. (She shares her sons Jonathan and Oliver Ocasek with her late husband Ric Ocasek.)

Porizkova continued to reflect on 2022, sharing that the past year “began when I dove into my book writing and my past.”

She continued: “It ended with the gratification of my book reaching everyone and their reactions to it.” The runway queen explained that she also spent time traveling, modeling and “making new friends.”

“In 2023, my hopes are to be able to put the past behind me,” Porizkova wrote in the caption of the social media post. “Stop trying to live in it for comfort, even though it hurts and still hurts while I sit there. The unknown ahead is scary… Here’s to a new year and the unknown. This is to accept the change. Be wiser, get older, be bolder.”

Porizkova has long been known to share words of encouragement with her followers about self-love, beauty, and aging. “Aging is not a disease,” she captioned a December 2022 selfie. “It should be celebrated for what it is. growth and change”.

She also emphasizes this message in her book, No Filter: The Good, the Bad, and the Beautiful. Porizkova published her collection of essays in November 2022, which also explores her experience with marriage, anxiety, grief, and maternity.

The blonde beauty formerly she went topless in October 2022 to promote his work.

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