Kogbagidi’s daughter burst into tears because she did not want to travel abroad without him (video)


Nigerian Show Promoter, Kogbagidi He has been seen in a video sharing an emotional moment while saying goodbye to his daughter before she left for a trip abroad.

The girl known as Raliat broke down in tears at the thought of traveling back to the United States without her beloved father.


Kogbagidi she could be seen holding her in her arms as tears pooled in her eyes and she refused to let go.

Raliat had traveled to Nigeria for the holidays, but with the Christmas and New Year celebration over, the girl had to return.

As Kogbagidi’s daughter was about to board the return flight alone, she burst into tears as she hugged him tightly.


The heartbroken girl begged him not to leave as she wrapped her arms tightly around his shoulders.

Look the following video:

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