Netizens react when a soldier punishes a man for courting his girlfriend (watch video)


A young man has been sentenced to serve time for being bold enough to make an advance on a military man’s girlfriend.

The soldier whose baby he courted seized him and subjected him to moaning, dehumanizing treatment.


He asked her to sit on the ground, keep her head up, and stretch out her hands as if she were riding a motorcycle.

The military officer then put his left leg on the guy’s head and his right leg on his hands. He asked her not to move her head or drop her hands no matter how painful or stressful the exercise felt.

Another person filming him doing his punishment demanded that he smile for the camera instead of keeping a grim face.


The soldier’s action drew condemnation from Nigerians who said it is unprofessional and illegal.

Look the following video:

In reaction, ogkelechi15 wrote; Is this correct?

btc____x; Leg do not go pain the soldier ..? ?

toheeb_bakare_ishola; Na nonsense then Dey do ?

the_wild_dj; This is bad. What if he doesn’t know. Don’t tell that he knows baby soldier

wale0official_; See Wetin man make man.

toheeb_smart; But why the Gree soldier’s wife?

otunba555; These soldiers must be thoroughly identified and dealt with. This is precisely why most people have no sympathy for the economic travails of the military… ?

alakatanpo; Lol I swear it won’t be me sha the matter will become a national issue.

brenda_waters109; So don’t go die better if I don’t smash one of them head in, call me mumu

chudbandy; Abuse of power and this is oppression

linno47; What nonsense, that guy from the army should be found out and treated accordingly. What nonsense and even had the gods to publish it.

ten fingers; Come and try it in Abeokuta. Have you ever heard that soldier [email protected] anyone in abk for little offense ? when no one dies young. After punishing the guy, what we are going to do is spiritual, not around here.

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