I’m a plus size, I tried Viral Skims shapewear in 5X – it would roll up and down at the same time, but I’m a Maxi fan

THIS plus size woman had tried on the Skims viral shapewear, but it was rolling up and down her body.

However, she was a fan of the maxi dress that she showed off.

This Plus Size Woman Tried On Skims In An Honest ReviewCredit: Tik Tok

While she had some criticism of the shapewear, she was a fan of the maxi dress.Credit: Tik Tok

People love or hate Kim Kardashian’s shapewear.

While this woman may not have been a fan of everything she got from Skims, she did like one item.

Social media influencer Sean Taylor is best known for appearing on the reality show The Circle during season 1.

Sean recently did an “honest” review of Skims video for his body size 4X/5X on Tiktok.

She said she wanted some of these pieces for a while.

“The robe and maxi Skims have been in my cart for a minute,” Sean said.

First she tried on the girdles. However, he added his own twist by turning it upside down “on purpose”.

“The girls that get it, they get it,” she said.

Sean said the girdles “like they want to roll down and up at the same time.”

However, he said “I like the bra a lot”.

“I’ve had this bra before…the girls are sitting up,” Sean said.

Then she tried on the maxi dress.

“Big fan of this,” he said. “You can use this in many different ways.”

Sean quipped, “One moment for the final look, please,” as she slipped into a robe over the maxi dress and accessorized with glasses, headphones and her dog.

Referring to his pet, he said: “Patty is obviously a crucial accessory.”

One viewer said, “loveee,” after seeing Sean’s video.

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Another plus size woman, who has large breasts, tried on the Skims bodysuit and loved the support she got from wearing it.

However, she was concerned about the amount of room for her breasts, plus it was difficult to get the suit on her body.

Jokingly, she completed her look with a robe and her dog.

Jokingly, she completed her look with a robe and her dog.Credit: Tik Tok

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