The Nintendo Switch Christmas sale is one of the best $1.99 games

There are hundreds of Nintendo Change, nintendo switch Lite and OLED Nintendo Switch games on sale for Christmas and the wider holiday sale. However, one of the best deals on the eShop is for one of the best games ever made and it brings said game down to just $1.99. It normally costs $20, so that’s a 90 percent savings. That being said, it is a limited time offer. More specifically, the offer will expire on January 8, 2023.

the game in question is Inside from indie developer Playdead. First released in 2016 at 93 on Metacritic, Inside it is widely considered to be one of the best games of its year. and according to Wikipedia, it is also one of the best games of all time. To be fair, it’s hard to think of a better game in the puzzle-platformer genre.

In addition to $2, you will need 1.5 GB of free space to download the game. On Switch, it supports TV mode, desktop mode, and portable mode, and has the following language options: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish.

“Hunted and alone, a boy finds himself drawn into the center of a dark project,” reads an official commentary on the game. “Inside is a dark, narrative-driven platformer that combines intense action with challenging puzzles. It has been critically acclaimed for its moody art style, ambient soundtrack, and haunting atmosphere.”

If you’re reading this after January 8th or don’t have $2 after shopping for everyone’s Christmas presents, don’t worry, the game releases regularly, so there’s a good chance you can get a Switch for a similar price. at a few different points in 2023.

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