Glass Onion: How Among Us Foreshadows The Knives Out Mystery

Major spoilers for Crystal Onion: A knives out Mystery are contained in this article.

Crystal Onion: A Knives Out Mystery more or less borrows many of its parts and structure from Among us, which may sound strange, but stick with me. In the introduction of glass onionDaniel Craig’s Benoit Blanc is seen playing the beloved game, Among us. Part of the reason for this is that the movie is set during the early days of the pandemic and he is trapped inside his house. During this time, people were looking for new games to play and Among us found massive success in mid-2020. Naturally, being a detective, Blanc was drawn to the murder mystery game.

after opening Among us it is never explicitly seen or mentioned again, but there are an almost absurd number of parallels. Yes, it’s a murder mystery, so naturally the similarities are to be expected. However, it gets even more specific than that when you take a closer look.

Most of these parallels don’t actually start until well into the movie. About halfway through, when things start to go wrong, the power to the whole house goes out. This is a pretty key mechanic in Among us as it allows assassins to kill people without being noticed, sneak around, and perform other nefarious tasks that would otherwise result in them being caught in the act. That is exactly what happens in glass onion as everyone disperses into the dark until Benoit Blanc and Andi regroup outside on the stairs. At this time, a mysterious person, later revealed to be Miles Bron, uses this power outage to shoot Andi. Her intention is to kill her, but it doesn’t really work.

All this happens because… Andi is a impostor! Actually, her name is Hellen and she is Andi’s twin sister, who died before the movie started. Hellen has taken advantage of the comfort of being a twin to work undercover with Blanc to find out who killed her sister, since none of the other guests know Andi is dead, except whoever killed her. As it would happen, a book in Hellen’s pocket actually stops her bullet and Blanc pours some hot sauce on it to make it look like she’s bleeding to death. This gives Hellen time to search the house and try to find evidence to point her to who killed her sister.

While doing this, Blanc calls everyone into the main room of the house for an… emergency meeting! Here he buys time while Hellen searches the house, but he also begins to reveal how he knows that Miles Bron is in fact the killer. He lays out his case and unravels it for all to hear until they all turn on Miles. However, Miles burns the only tangible evidence that could convict him, so Blanc is forced to let the likes of Hellen and the other guests take matters into their own hands and blow up his house. He may not shoot it into outer space like in Among usbut the movie is set on a private island, so that wouldn’t exactly be feasible.

Whether any of this was actually intentional on the part of director Rian Johnson is unknown. However, given the blatant reference to gaming in the film, it appears that Johnson spent some time gaming during the pandemic and may have inadvertently inspired some moments while writing the film. knives out continuation.

Crystal Onion: A Knives Out Mystery is now available on Netflix. What did you think of the movie? Let me know in the comments or contact me at Twitter @Cade_Onder.


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