My Wife Is Too Obedient And Submissive, I Want Her To Challenge Me (Video)


A Nigerian man has said that he wishes God would give him the ability to make his wife a little naughty and less submissive to him.

He said it during a program, Couples Hangout when he was asked what he would like to change about his wife.


In a video that was uploaded to social networks, the married man who was with his wife regretted that she is excessively obedient and she does not like that.

He said he wants her to have a harder heart to question him and challenge his decisions from time to time.

According to him, every time he makes a request or tells her to do something, she complies without question or question.


The man added that he also prays to God not to allow him to take advantage of his wife’s kind heart and submissive nature.

Watch him speak below:

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