Far From Home Netflix Finale: How Was Ishaya Oga Rambo Arrested? Explained


Ishaya Bello was an aspiring artist, but several obstacles in his path prevented him from reaching his dream destination. His father was an artist who used to paint for a living but, unlike Ishaya, he always tried to be honest in his work. However, while selling one of his sketches, he lost his youngest son, Dauda, ​​in a motorcycle accident. Since then, Ishaya’s mother has hated the idea of ​​painting and Ishaya’s addiction to art. Like Ishaya, his sister Rahila dreamed of studying at a renowned academic institution called Wilmer Academy. Although she was a gifted student who loved to read, she also had to pay a large sum of money for the entrance exam required to get a scholarship and be admitted to Wilmer Academy. Rahila gave up the plan to study there, but her brother had other ideas that were not very honest. At the same time, he was working as a waiter at a pub called Rush and also as a servant in the home of one of the Wilmer Academy teachers. Ishaya stole a large amount of money from Rush’s owner, gangster Oga Rambo, from his open money vault. Meanwhile, while he was also working at the principal’s house as a cleaner, he overheard a conversation between the faculty and his son about a leaked answer sheet for the Wilmer Academy entrance exam. His son was an honest person and didn’t want to cheat on exams, so he threw it away and Ishaya picked it up. Since Rahila did not want to enroll in the school dishonestly, Ishaya tried to win the scholarship on her own. He took the exam, won the scholarship, and was admitted to Wilmer Academy. But after deducting school fees, uniforms and books, he only had 5,000 naira in hand. Ishaya broke down and returned to his house, only to discover that Oga Rambo had found out about the robbery and had arrested his entire family. Ishaya begged Rambo and his brother, Government, to give him some time, but they threatened that until he paid the money back, Rahila would go to work at her strip club.

Meanwhile, Ishaya’s ex-girlfriend Adufe met Oga Rambo and became his girlfriend after her split from Ishaya. She soon became the apple of Oga Rambo’s eye. Shortly after gaining a place in her heart, Adufe tried to gain a foothold in her business. Ishaya suggested to the government that she would help him sell her drugs in exchange for her sister’s release. The government agreed and released Rahila, and in return, Ishaya ended up a full-fledged drug dealer who was threatened with death if he didn’t sell them properly. During his time in school, he began to find golden opportunities to sell molly to rich kids. Meanwhile, he befriended the crush on him, Carmen Wilmer, the great-granddaughter of the founder of Wilmer Academy, but Carmen was in a relationship with one of the students, Atlas. Ishaya started a molly trading business through an anonymous online account and started selling all of her molly to all the rich kids in school. Finally, some naughty students set the lab on fire while doing funny experiments on molly, so tight security was put in place at the institution. But, with the help of Carmen, who was also a heavy addict, Ishaya went back to selling molly in the library. Eventually, Ishaya’s knack for selling drugs in any dire situation impressed Government. Meanwhile, Oga Rambo had also involved her girlfriend Adufe in the drug trafficking business, which the Government did not like, but Adufe lost her money, forcing her to find other means to earn and pay Oga. ; otherwise, she knew that Oga would not spare her life. So, she urged Ishaya to help her kidnap Ishaya’s best friend and roommate, Frank, whose parents were the richest family in town. Ishaya repeated her disapproval, but Adufe threatened to tell Oga to kill her family if she didn’t help her. Eventually, Ishaya was forced to help her kidnap Frank, for which he couldn’t forgive himself. But after getting the ransom money from Frank’s family when Frank was released, Ishaya thought the danger was over but he was completely wrong as Oga Rambo and Adufe were planning to kidnap other rich kids from the school. Since kidnapping made them more money than drug trafficking, they decided to make kidnapping their new business. They set the next target on Carmen Wilmer, who apparently had a crush on Ishaya and vice versa. So, Ishaya would never allow such a huge injustice to happen to Carmen. The story of the series shows how Ishaya gave herself up to save her love, Carmen, from this danger.


What happened to Carmen?

Carmen Wilmer was the great-granddaughter of the founder of the Wilmer Academy. Her past life involved a tragic event: she and her boyfriend Atlas were in a car accident a few years ago where Atlas hit a girl while driving. The girl went into a coma and Carmen suffered a major leg injury. She had always hidden the whole incident from her parents to save her boyfriend, saying that she was actually the one driving the car. Atlas and her mother were opportunists and blackmailed Carmen’s parents into paying Atlas’s school fees. In fact, Atlas even had a secret physical relationship with Carmen’s best friend, Nnenna, which Carmen knew nothing about. However, at a pool party, Ishaya got high with Molly and filmed Atlas and Nnenna being intimate, which she kept secret. But after the incident, Ishaya and Carmen started getting closer and Atlas found them kissing at prom. Atlas, without even knowing the context, made the mistake of confessing everything about Nnenna to Carmen. Carmen felt betrayed and revealed the truth to everyone on her school’s Founder’s Day. She explained how she had a hidden accident while she was saving Atlas and then found out that Atlas was cheating on her. Her confession went viral, discrediting both Nnenna and Atlas. During this time, three Wilmer Academy students were selected for the Art Institute of London scholarship, including Atlas and Ishaya. However, Atlas was envious of Ishaya from the beginning and destroyed the painting of her, but Ishaya already had a backup plan, so she won the London Art Institute scholarship with another portrait she had done before. At the end of the semester, Carmen’s parents admitted her to a rehabilitation center to cure her addiction to drugs. Carmen couldn’t buy into her decision at first, but she tried to face it. She still had feelings for Ishaya and she wanted to contact him, but she couldn’t call him from the rehab center due to the restrictions.

How did Ishaya get Oga Rambo arrested?

Carmen had been Adufe’s next target in his master kidnapping plan. Ishaya did her best to prevent this disaster from happening, but when she realized that all options for him were closed, she knew what he had to do. Earlier, on Founder’s Day at Wilmer Academy, he talked to his role model Essien about the Art Institute of London, but like other wealthy people, Essien had also humiliated his quality simply because Ishaya had no money. to pay for travel or study. there. Ishaya no longer wanted to attend Wilmer Academy because he could see that his dreams had been shattered and that his main intentions would not have succeeded. So, he confessed all the guilt to him in order to save Carmen, Frank and their other friends from danger. He confessed to the director and informed the police so that they would arrest Oga Rambo. The police surrounded Oga’s pub and arrested Government, but Oga Rambo, Adufe and one of his men managed to escape. As a result, Ishaya was terrified that while Oga was still around, he might harm his family. So, to relieve Ishaya’s stress, his friend Frank helped him protect the safety of his family. Eventually, Oga Rambo and his partner Adufe began to reside in a separate house where the police could not track them. Adufe managed to get away with all of Oga’s money and called Ishaya. Oga Rambo ambushed Ishaya and attempted to kill him when Adufe attacked him from behind, knocking him unconscious. Adufe grabbed all the money and became Rush’s mistress while Government was still rotting in jail, and Oga Rambo was locked in a hyena’s cage.

What happened to Ishaya’s dream?

“Far From Home” is a narrative without morals and aims to provide cheap thrills. The story begins promisingly, but the ending is rushed and the fifth episode seems to indicate that the creators intend to finish the story anyway. A harrowing ending, combined with a convoluted plot that confuses the main point of view of the story, namely the achievement of Ishaya’s art, shows that only good production design can make the series a success on its own. At the end of the series, we see Ishaya presenting one of the masterpiece portraits of her, which had been framed in the hall of the Wilmer Academy, after winning a scholarship from the Art Institute of London. Essien applauded Ishaya’s artwork and was proud to have chosen him as an artist. We, the audience, don’t get a good look at Ishaya’s portrayal or understand how he became a prolific painter after his history of drug dealing and kidnapping and after he was expelled from Wilmer Academy right after the first semester. The creators should have shed more light on this process, which we didn’t get in this series. Regardless, “Far From Home” season 1 ended as an incomplete nightmare, and I rate this series as nothing more than a waste of time.


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