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Prayagraj News: Comedian Rajpal Yadav has been accused by a student of hitting him with a scooter during a film shoot in Sangam Nagri, Prayagraj. At the same time, Rajpal Yadav also filed a complaint against the boy. He indicates that this matter is related to the Colonelganj police station area.

What’s the whole deal?

According to information received, Balaji, a student preparing for competitive exams, has reported that the university was buying books near Bank Road and that the film was being filmed there. During this, comedian Rajpal Yadav was riding a scooter. And he couldn’t ride it correctly and it hit his bike. It is alleged that when the student objected to this, people from the actor’s unit misbehaved with him and they started fighting. Along with this, the student also received death threats.

Separately, a complaint has been filed against student competitor Balaji at the Colonelganj police station for obstructing the shooting. It is alleged that despite refusing, the student was making videos from his cell phone. When he was arrested, he began to fight with the people from the unit, which caused a problem with the shots.

According to Colonelganj Police Station Chief Rammohan Rai, Tahrir has been received from both sides. Necessary action will be taken after the investigation.

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