Geely Panda Mini EV Revealed: Adorable Little City Car; 41 hp, 150 km EV range; price from RM25k –

Geely Auto has added a particularly cute electric vehicle (EV) to its lineup. This is the Panda Mini EV, a small urban car that occupies the same segment as the Jiayuan Komi, Wuling Nano EV Y Chery QQ ice cream.

Also known as the M2 before its introduction, the Panda Mini is a four-seater with just two doors and takes up little space. Using the tape measure, it measures 3,065mm long, 1,522mm wide, 1,600mm high and has a wheelbase of 2,015mm, a Perodua Axia it is bigger

To maximize interior space, the EV has a boxy body, though it has styling cues that reflect its name. These include lots of rounded edges, large circular headlights, and a three-spoke wheel design that can pass for panda tracks.

If you notice, the cargo door in the covered grille bears the script ‘Geome’, which is a reference to Geely’s sub-brand. According to Chinese media, the Panda Mini was originally intended to be a geometry product, but management decided that it should park under the Geely banner.

The obvious color scheme for the EV is a mix of black and white, but there will also be several options available to customers. Like its rivals, the Panda Mini will be relatively affordable, with a rumored price range of 40,000 to 50,000 yuan (RM25,385 to RM31,731).

Final specifications are not yet available, but according to details obtained from China’s ministry of industry and information technology, the Panda Mini will feature a front-mounted electric motor rated at 41 PS (40 hp or 30 kW), as well as a lithium motor. Guoxuan High-Tech iron phosphate (LFP) battery capable of providing up to 150 km range.

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