Malika Arora slams Troll for commenting on her age difference with Arjun Kapoor moving in with Malaika –

In the latest episode of ‘Moving in with Malaika’, Malaika was seen talking about the age difference between her and Arjun. Significantly, Arjun is 12 years younger than Malaika, which is why both of them are often trolled. Speaking on the show, Malaika said, “Unfortunately, not only am I older, but I’m also dating someone younger than me.” It means I have guts, am I messing up his life? Well said right? I want to tell everyone that I’m not ruining her life. It wasn’t that she was going to school and couldn’t concentrate on her studies and I asked her to come to me.

The actress further says, “Every time we go on a date, it doesn’t mean we’re taking classes. I didn’t catch it from the street when I was catching Pokemon. By God, he has grown up and is a man. We are both adults who have agreed to live together. If an older guy dates a younger girl, then he is a player, but when an older girl dates a younger girl, he is called a Cougar. this is bad’.

Malaika Arora’s new show ‘Moving in with Malaika’ is very popular. The show airs on Disney Plus Hotstar. Recently, when revealing about her life, the actress recounted that when she had an accident, Arbaaz was the first person she saw the face of after surgery.

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