Nigerian man devastated after pranking woman he intends to marry only to find out she’s a running girl


A Nigerian man identified as Josh shared the story of his cousin who was left heartbroken after realizing his future wife was not the decent person he thought she was.

He revealed how the man put his girlfriend of 6 months to a loyalty test because he intended to seriously propose to her. Unfortunately, he found out through the test that his wife liked racing.


The boyfriend arranged with another girl to prank her baby by offering her a delicious ‘hookup’ deal of N200,000.

She agreed to do it and lied to her man on D-Day only for them to meet at the hotel where she went for the hookup and realized she had failed.


Josh wrote; ”The older cousin has been dating this girl for 6 months and has finally decided to marry her, but hasn’t told her yet. We talked about it and he wanted to know if testing her loyalty was good, I told him to go ahead and do what he wanted because marriage is a lifelong adventure.

So he goes on to try it with another girl. Her girl makes cakes, so he asked this girl to start by wanting a cake. Before going any further, he literally takes over this girl’s accounts. Even her cake business, he pushed her to start it and he got it.

Everything you needed to keep your business running. Before she bought him an iPhone 11pro max and now she asks for a 13pro max. He had said that if she passed this test, she would give him 14 and go see her parents right away.

So the girl who was pranking him started with wanting a cake and everything. The girl paid for the cake and they continued talking for two weeks. The girl then asked her id that she was hooked and that she has a customer who is willing to pay 200k for a round. She said yes, that she even likes girls.

So they set up a meeting and a date for the connection date. The day of the appointment my cousin went home and complained that he is sick and we have to take care of him, she told him to calm down and gave him paracetamol that he is going to the market to buy things for the cake that in her way she will get you medicine for malaria.

He begged and insisted that she stay, but she wouldn’t. As soon as she left, he also left and went to the hotel where they were supposed to meet. He arrived with the other girl who took her up to the hotel and when they arrived he saw her cousin and fainted from her.

I don’t know what to say, but I recommend that you do whatever you need to do to make sure that your partner is loyal. These days, people are wild, they go crazy.

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