Callisto Protocol patch adds ray-traced reflections on Xbox Series X

The Callisto Protocol it did not have the smoothest launch, as it suffered from some performance issues in certain scenarios. A new console patch is now available that includes bug fixes and improvements, along with a new graphics feature on Xbox Series X.

People playing on Microsoft’s beefier console will now see ray-traced reflections. More improvements are also coming. “We work daily on optimizations for all platforms and listen to your feedback,” developer Striking Distance said on Twitter. “Thank you for your patience.”

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Studio Director Glen Schofield commented on the patch as well, saying that the developer is “listening, fixing, tweaking, and updating.” The full patch notes don’t appear to be available, but we’ll add them here if they are.

This was the second patch for The Callisto Protocol this week, following a previous update that included improvements to PC performance. Players on PC should now see fewer instances of stuttering, with more optimizations in the works to further improve the experience.

In other news, Striking Distance has partnered with an alcoholic beverage company to create a Official beer of the Callisto Protocol that carries a heavy and strong 9% ABV.

The Callisto Protocol arrived on December 2 behind mixed review scores. by GameSpot The revision of the Callisto Protocol he scored the game a 5/10. For more information, check out what other reviewers think.

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