An English soccer player brought a PC setup to the World Cup to play Fortnite

Weather Fortnite does not have an official collaboration with the FIFA World Cup this year, the popular battle royale game has made its appearance thanks to English player Jordan Pickford’s obsession with it. In an interview published in Official England YouTubePickford explained that the case contained a complete setup including a monitor, which he prefers to a laptop screen.

According to Eurogamer, the soccer star was asked about the case around 8 minutes into the interview. Asked what he does with his downtime at camp, Pickford says he’s “going to try to get back on his feet, feel good about himself, get a massage, whatever he needs, spend some time with the guys, Fortnite.” Fortnite vibe.”

Interviewer Josh Denzel takes the opportunity to show a video of Pickford making his case on the way to the World Cup, saying that the PC is “adequate equipment”. Pickford replies that he’s “not playing” when it comes to games.

Pickford explains that he plays with a PC setup at home but usually only takes a laptop with him when he travels, but this year he was really sick of gaming on the small screen. The solution was to build the travel case for him to fit a larger monitor, with a gaming laptop upgraded to run Fortnite. “I’m just trying to get the best frames and stuff,” he concludes. “Take the lead.”

Fortnite just launched its Game-Changing Fourth Season this week, so it’s no surprise that Pickford is eager to get in a few games.

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