Dean McDermott’s son defends him against his ex-wife’s claims

Tori’s spelling, Dean McDermott.
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Speaking his peace. Dean McDermottthe oldest son, jack mcdermottbroke his silence about his mom Maria Jo EustaquioThe recent negative comments from her father and stepmother. tori spelling.

“Since my parents’ divorce in 2006, I have rarely spoken as I preferred to stay out of it,” Jack, 24, wrote via an Instagram statement on Monday, December 5. “Unfortunately, due to my mother’s recent decision to spread information about my dad, stepmom and siblings, I can no longer remain silent.”

the Graduated from San Francisco State University explained that Dean, 56, decided to walk away from his “Ex’s & Uh-Ohs” podcast, which he co-hosted with Eustace, 60, after she allegedly criticized the Open Range actor and his 49-year-old wife. (Jack’s parents they were married for 13 years before they resigned in 2006).

“He chose to leave. [the podcast] due to negative comments about our family and constant attempts to smear his characterJack stated. “He also chose to leave because the show’s producer betrayed his trust and divulged private information.”

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The young man defended his father saying that Dean has “atone for his mistakes” for the last 17 years. “He has grown a lot as a person. Until a week ago our two families where [sic] living in harmonyJack continued. “With this podcast, he drove a wedge between our two families and created a divide that I am unable to mend. Unfortunately, I’m not sure it can be.”

The California resident asked that “Ex’s & Uh-Ohs” listeners take the information his mother shared “with a grain of salt” before addressing Eustace directly. “On behalf of my mother, I ask you to please respect me and my blended family. Avoid creating additional strain on our family dynamics,” Jack concluded. “These past few years have been nothing but peace and happiness, and I ask that we continue to try to keep it that way.”

Jack’s comments come less than a month after Spelling, who has been married to Dean since 2006, unveiled the McDermott family Christmas card. Unlike in previous years, the festive photo shoot featured all six of Dean’s children, including Jack.

The Canadian native is also the father of Liam, 15, Stella, 14, Hattie, 11, Finn, 10 and Beau, 5who shares with him Beverly Hills, 90210 alum.

Dean and Spelling have previously talked about their marital ups and downs after sparking divided speculation in the summer of 2020. At that time, the beverly hills troop The actress revealed that she and her husband slept in different beds after Dean returned home from filming a project abroad.

They added fuel to the fire when Dean and Spelling were seen in September 2021 without their wedding rings. However, the Slasher star claimed during an appearance on the “Feminine Warrior” podcast that he simply misplaced his and his wife forgot to put it back on after washing her hands.

dean again raised eyebrows in October when he reunited with his ex-wife while Spelling was with some of his children in the pumpkin patch. “Together??? #Ex’s&Uh-oh’s,” the Due South alum captioned the snap, apparently teasing their joint podcast, which launched the following month.

In November, the Tracker star insisted that he and Spelling were “unbelievable”, telling The Sun that he is “off the market” for any potential fans.

Us Weekly has reached out to Eustace for comment.

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