Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Players Want Voice Acting in Future Pokemon Games

scarlet and violet pokemon could have one of the most heartfelt stories in the history of the Pokemon franchise, but gamers feel he’s let down by the lack of voice acting. scarlet and violet pokemon it’s a divisive game for a number of reasons, including the rather miserable performance of the game’s graphics. However, one YouTuber recently launched another well-worn criticism of the Pokemon games: the lack of voice acting. Joe Goffeney, who runs the Dr. Bonehead YouTube channel, recently went viral when he and several voice actors made a demo video demonstrating how much better the game would be if cutscenes were voice-acted. You can watch the full video below:

Traditionally, Pokémon games have not used voice acting, even after moving to consoles like the Nintendo DS and nintendo switch which could support deeper and more complex audio files. While the first Pokémon games didn’t actually have cut scenes that would have required voice acting, scarlet and violet pokemon in particular, it had a handful of pure cut scenes and flashbacks that did not involve any input from the player character.

If the Pokémon franchise chooses to use voice acting in a future game, you can search The legend of Zelda as a potential example of how you could move forward. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild it was the first Zelda game to use voice acting, though it only had certain characters and scenes cut with voice acting. That might be a compromise Game Freak might be willing to accept, though any voice acting would incur additional localization time and cost.

scarlet and violet pokemon is now available for Nintendo Switch.


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