PS5 update adds long-overdue PS4 feature

A new update of playstation 5 consoles has added a long overdue feature previously seen in Playstation 4. Since the PS5 launched in late 2020, sony has been slowly improving the platform, especially when it comes to its user interface and accompanying features. And while there are still a number of new additions to the PS5 that fans have been requesting, Sony has at least now made its current-gen console more similar to its next-gen hardware.

Starting today, Sony has officially launched its “PlayStation Tournaments” feature on PS5 consoles. Previously seen on PS4, game station Tournaments is something that Sony offers for specific games on the platform. Essentially, Tournaments allow players to enter competitions for certain games which can then result in real prizes that can be won. Although many PlayStation fans may not be aware of the feature, it’s something Sony has continued to focus on as it tries to promote esports and competitive gaming.

“For the past three months, we’ve been beta testing the next generation of our competitive console experience: PlayStation Tournaments for PS5,” Sony’s Louis Figueroa explained in a new post on the PlayStation Blog. “The new experience streamlines competitive play with shorter tournament times, seamless console registration, easy-to-discover tournaments, an all-new user interface, real-time match updates, and more improvements that address common barriers to competitive play. online”.

From December 1 to January 31, Sony will host a “Win-A-Thon” on PS5 and PS4 consoles where players can win prizes such as “cash, PS5 consoles, and new DualSense Edge wireless controllers.” The Win-A-Thon is a leaderboard where you can improve your own ranking by participating in tournaments offered on PlayStation platforms. For now, the three games that are compatible with PlayStation Tournaments on PS5 include NBA 2K23, fifa23Y Guilty Gear – Strive.

Are you excited to see the Tournaments feature now available on PS5? And is this something you’ll be looking to use more of in the future? Let me know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter at @MooreMan12.


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