How did Mark Anthony Mulligan die? Explanation of the cause of death of the local artist


Mark Anthony Mulligan, member of the Highlands and local artist, has passed away.

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What happened to Mark Anthony Mulligan?

Annie Nell Wadley announced the passing of Anthony Mulligan in his official FaceBook post, the statement read:


I posted this video to my stories yesterday without thinking much more than how wonderful it was to spend time with Mark Anthony and capture a sweet moment on film.

Unfortunately, I woke up to a Facebook message from his nephew asking me to call him only to find out the heartbreaking news that he had passed away early this morning. I don’t have any poignant words to share right now, so here comes the digression…


Mark Anthony Mulligan he has had one of the most profound impacts on my life of anyone I have ever known, loved or been loved by. Every time I was with him I felt close to God and honestly I don’t even know what that means anymore, I just know what I experienced with him and I know it was divine.

In a world full of greys, Mark set the record straight…our calling is to love. And not just Love in a way that feels good or convenient, but love in a way that radically changes lives and gives new hope for what seems impossible.

Mark taught me what it looks like to be unapologetic while being quick to apologize for any harm being yourself may have caused. He showed me what vulnerability really looks like and how strong someone has to be to let others in and accept that they can take advantage of you and leave, while still being open with love upon their return.

You see, Mark was so incredibly smart, I mean seriously fucking smart, and he saw the world in ways we’d only be so lucky to see. He was talented not only with his art but also with his sense of humor. This guy could legitimately work with a crowd like no other and make each person feel like he was the most special human being in the world.

Oh, but his art! His art! What a legacy she leaves with drawings of what she loved most, Louisville. What is easy to see as a mere background of our life, he always valued as the main attraction. From interstate highways to banks, gas stations and fast food… Nothing enlightened him more than familiar faces and places that grounded him in a sense of home.

Oh death, spades and my heart is so heavy with pain. My sweet, sweet Mark Anthony… I love you and will miss you forever. Thanks for yesterday and thanks for you.

Mark Anthony Mulligan, a Louisville folk musician, author and inspiration, was eager to participate.

Mulligan, a Bardstown Road stalwart, passed away on Monday 28th November at the age of 59.

He was receiving treatment at the Wedgewood Healthcare Center in Clarksville, which provides geriatric care, short-term recovery and rehabilitation.

Who is Mark Anthony Mulligan?

Raised primarily on the streets of Louisville or in care institutions and hospitals, Mulligan was born there.

Mulligan faced additional difficulties as a result of various diagnoses, but he was a resilient individual who over time built up a devoted following of fans and friends.

If you lived near the Highlands or Bardstown Road, you almost certainly ran into Mulligan at some point. Mulligan offered sparkle and kindness wherever he went with his distinctive wide smile, bright eyes and swinging arms.

Mulligan’s career

Mulligan took his artwork to gallery owner Chuck Swanson in the early 2000s, and Swanson helped Mulligan find exhibits for his work.

According to artist Al Gorman in the documentary “Peacelands/Mark Anthony Mulligan,” Swanson represented Mulligan through his gallery for more than ten years. Swanson and Gorman were co-workers at the time. Before Mulligan found representation with Swanson, numerous Louisville galleries turned him down.

His remarkable ability to notice and understand his surroundings, both as it was and as he needed it to be in order to convey his message, is evident in Mulligan’s best-known paintings, which depict dense urban landscapes.

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