Fortnite Leaks Reveal New Chapter 3 Ending Spoilers

Fortnite‘s Chapter 3 final event is scheduled to take place this week, but it seems like a lot of details are leaking out ahead of time. The Twitter account @FNBRWatch has compiled and shared many of these leaks, which originated from Discord. trustworthy Fortnite filter @ShiiaBR believes these leaks are coming from an Epic Games employee as they appear to be quite legitimate. For many Fortnite To fans, this may be a bit disappointing, and those who want to actively avoid these spoilers should be careful on social media, as they seem to be spreading fast!

So far, the biggest spoiler for the ending seems to focus on the map. While it looked like the next chapter would feature a new map, a leaked audio line seems to hint that a good chunk of the current map survived the Fracture event. Readers can listen to the leaked audio in the embedded Tweet below.

In addition to the audio, concept art has also been leaked. However, fans should be wary of any leaks as it seems that false information has been leaking out. There has been speculation that the next chapter will be called “Reinforced”, but that has apparently been debunked by the original leaker. Regardless of what’s real and what’s fake, Epic Games can’t be too happy with how this is all playing out. Hopefully Fracture will continue to be an enjoyable experience and those who wish to stay intact can do so. While some fans actively enjoy searching for spoilers for these events, there are many others who prefer to go in with minimal information. Fortnite Fans should keep that in mind when discussing spoilers online, and try to take this information with a grain of salt!

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