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First bank routing number

Hello Reader, We will show you the List of First Bank Routing Number, Sort Codes and Branches in Nigeria. When sending money outside of Nigeria, a sort code, also known as a routing number, is usually required.

You will most likely need to fill in the correct routing number for your transaction to be successful. Find your FirstBank routing number and learn more about money transfers in our guide.

What is FirstBank’s routing number?

The first bank routing number, also known as a sort code, is typically a number that identifies a bank and the branch where a customer’s account is managed. The sort code uniquely identifies the bank itself and is used when transferring funds from an account at a bank branch to another branch of the bank or another bank.

Today we are pasting here the sort code or routing number for FirstBank of Nigeria. (We are currently updating this article)


How to find the routing code of the first bank?

To send money between accounts, you’ll need your bank account number in addition to your routing number. Here are three ways to find your FirstBank account number:

use a check

You can find your routing and account number on the checks for your checking account. The routing number is the 9-digit code found on the bottom left of the check. The account number is the long string of digits next to it.

go online

Log in to your FirstBank online account portal. Find the Accounts page, then go to History and Statements and reports. Click on your most recent statement. It will list your account and routing number information.

Call Customer Service

If you don’t have an online checking account or a check on hand, call FirstBank customer service at 1-800-964-3444, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. After providing a few details to identify yourself, a representative will be able to guide you in locating your account information.

My branch routing code

FirstBank routing number is 107005047

Is the routing code necessary?

Is the classification number necessary? Yes it is, you need your routing number for many things like:

  • ACH payments
  • Direct Deposit Setup
  • Receive government benefits, including tax refunds.
  • Transfer money between accounts at different banks or investment firms
  • Automatic Bill Pay
  • National electronic transfers


Your debit card is linked to a bank account, but you do not use a routing number for debit card transactions. Routing numbers are only used for direct transfers between bank accounts. Also, credit cards do not have routing numbers as they are not directly linked to any bank account.

But you can use your bank account routing number to set up the link between your credit card account and your checking account to make an online payment.

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