2023 BMW iX3: Data Sheet

Buying an electric car presents a whole new world of facts and figures to learn and compare. To help you out, we’ve created this handy fact card to give you all the crucial pieces of the EV puzzle.

the bmw ix3 it’s an all-electric version of the brand’s small luxury SUV.

It is offered as a unique, high-spec model in Australia and features a 210kW/400Nm electric motor, 73.8kWh battery pack, and an official claimed range of 460km.

It is also equipped with 150 kW DC fast charging along with integrated 11 kW AC charging.

Find the full specification of the 2023 BMW iX3 below.

2023 BMW iX3 – data table

Price (MSRP) $114,900
Format Single engine, rear wheel drive
Energy 210kW
Torque 400Nm
battery size 73.8kWh
Autonomy (WLTP) 460km
energy used 19.5kWh/100km
maximum charging speed 150kW DC / 11kW AC
plug type CCS DC / Type 2 AC
Weight (tare) 2180kg
boot space 510L seats up / 1560L seats folded

The BMW iX3 comes with a portable home charger for emergency use. A BMW wall box unit can be purchased for around $2000, but installation is extra and depends on your specific setup.

Approximate charge times: 0-80%

(up to 2.4kW)
wall box
(up to 7.7kW)
three phases
(up to 11kW)
(up to 50kW DC)
bmw ix3 73.8kWh 35h 21 hours 6h 40min 1 hour 20 minutes

The charge 2023 BMW iX3: Data Sheet first appeared in Ride.

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