Alia Ranbir Daughter Name – Alia Bhatt daughter name is very special know its meaning in astrology – alia ranbir names her daughter what does her name mean and its numerological meaning tlifdg –

Bollywood actress Alia Bhatt has recently become a mother. She has posted a post on Instagram in which she has revealed the name of her daughter. In that post, she Alia has also shown the first glimpse of her daughter. Alia said in the post that her daughter’s name is Raha Kapoor. Along with this, Alia also said that her daughter’s name has been handed down by her grandmother i.e. Neetu Kapoor. Let us know what is the meaning of Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor’s daughter’s name.

He said in the post: “Raha means Divine Path. But Raha has other meanings like Joy in Swahili. In Sanskrit it means parent. In Bengali it means relief. In Arabic it means peace. Also, Raha means happiness, freedom and the giver of happiness.

Meaning of the name Raha Kapoor according to numerology

According to Pandit Arunesh Kumar Sharma, “Raha Kapoor’s name number is 9. According to name number 9, Raha means strong, beautiful, self-assured and self-assured.

The root of Raha is 6. 6 is the number of Venus. Venus is considered the god of beauty. Such people are very beautiful. Raha’s destiny number is 5. 5 is the number of Mercury. Mercury is considered the symbol of intelligence. Such people are sensible, intelligent and well-behaved. The planets Venus and Mercury are also considered very good for the Bollywood industry. Along with this, number 6 is also the number of feminism. That means, in the future, Raha Kapoor will have a big name in Bollywood. According to astrology, ‘Venus and Mercury are also considered the planets of success’.

Importance of Radix 6

Venus is lord of Radix number 6. Venus people are artistic. People of this number have a reserve of energy. These people are always ready to take on any responsibility. They are also a source of inspiration for everyone. They think more about the welfare of others. Always ready to help. These people are responsible, trustworthy and loyal.

Importance of Bhagyank 5

The planetary lord of lucky number 5 is Mercury. These people are independent in nature. They like adventure. People with destiny number 5 are curious in nature. These people also keep changing their profession, so they are called changeable. They do not like to be subservient to anyone. These people behave very well.

What are people with name number 9 like?

People with name number 9 become stronger with the sorrows and problems they face in life. They have qualities like brotherhood. People with name number 9 are generous and charitable. They have art and dramatic talent. Along with this, they also have a talent for writing. His personality is of the cheerful type. These people are reliable and trustworthy. That is why they easily blindly trust people.

They like to have fun. His personality is beautiful. These people, despite being good by nature, sometimes become selfish. There is less tolerance in them. These people can achieve mastery in any field. They believe in Dharma-Karma.

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