Superdrug fanatics scramble to get their hands on cut-price jewellery: prices start at 60p, with loads of dazzling rings

WHILE many of us will have shopped at Superdrug for our cheap bathroom essentials, it turns out that Superdrug also sells jewelry, who knew?

Not only this, but a savvy shopper saw that superdrugJewelery from is currently on sale, with prices starting at just 60p.

Superdrug fanatics scramble for cut-price jewelery, with rings for just 60p.Credit: Alamy

There are a variety of different rings to choose from, but you’ll have to be quick if you want to take advantage of these bargains.Credit: tiktok/@xoaxoa

A Superdrug employee revealed that stores are getting rid of "dead stock" So if you want it, get these rings, you'll have to be quick.

A Superdrug employee revealed that stores are getting rid of “dead stock,” so if you want to get your hands on these rings, you’ll need to be quick.Credit: tiktok/@xoaxoa

There are a variety of stunning rings on offer and many Fashion fans scramble to get their hands on them.

Tik Tok Username @xoaxoa she was one of the first to spot the cut-price jewelry, taking to the video-sharing platform to urge others to head over to Superdrug as quickly as possible.

This savvy shopper regularly shares fashion purchases and clothing finds on the social media app, amassing 13,800 followers and 915,400 likes in the process.

While she regularly shops at high street stores including Primark, Home Bargains and Tk Maxx, in one of the user’s most recent clips she saw the jewelery cut-price at her local Superdrug, which left her quite impressed.

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In the clip, the bargain hunter led her followers into a Superdrug store, while showing off the sale items.

She said: “Run, don’t walk to Superdrug for 80p jewellery.”

On all the jewelry, the Superdrug store was offering to buy one, get the second for half price.

But not only this, but the impressive rings were already really cheap to begin with.

With prices starting at just 60p, yes, you heard that correctly, many TikTok users gawked at the bargain price tags.

There are a variety of different rings to choose from: some gold, some silver, some individual rings, and some are also sold in multi-packs.

TikTok users went wild for Superdrug’s offerings and the clip racked up a whopping 851,200 views in just three days.

It has 85k likes, 2700 comments and 977 shares.

Many TikTok users excitedly tagged their friends in the comments, encouraging them to head over to their local Superdrug for the cut-price jewelry.

One person said: “Cheaper than Primark now.”

Another added: “Wow.”

A third commented, “The lock ring is so cute.”

Meanwhile, a Superdrug user revealed: “PSA as a Superdrug worker; These are only clearance prices. We’re getting rid of dead stock so if you want it get it fast otherwise it’s full prices.”

On top of this, many social media users were shocked that they had never seen jewelry in their local Superdrug stores.

One user noted: “Meanwhile my Superdrug has barely anything and atrocious tails.”

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A second chimed in: “I think my superdrug is broken.”

While a third posted: “Since when does Superdrug sell jewelry?”

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