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Just a one summer update letter writer who was trying to discover sparks.

This person could use a pep talk about the breakup and a reminder about what Spark really is or isn’t.

Hi Meredith,

This is an update to the May Sparks letter. The guy and I reconnected later. We became a couple and dated for a few months. I wanted to plan a trip to see my family in another state – an aunt and uncle for a birthday celebration. I paid for the plane tickets and I thought we were good.

Two days before the trip, he broke up with me. The reasons were not clear. I tried to get my money back for the plane tickets, I couldn’t get a refund. Because I didn’t receive the refund, I couldn’t go on the trip. The plan was that he would get a hotel and pay for food. He canceled the hotel before we parted for a refund.

I’m sad about the breakup. I feel bad for letting my family down. Do you have any advice on how to deal with this breakup? I miss you.

– sparked

My thought: This wasn’t about sparks, just complicated travel plans and bad timing. Here’s a lesson on how to continue to date and how to get refundable tickets.

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