How did Freddy Civil die? Blake Fielder-Civil’s younger brother’s cause of death revealed


Amy Winehouse’s younger ex-husband’s brother died on April 26.

Blake Fielder-Civil’s (singer Amy’s husband) brother, Freddy Civil, was discovered face down in his underwear after checking into a Leeds hotel on April 26 last year. It has been revealed that Amy Winehouse’s younger ex-husband’s brother died of a drug overdose.


According to an investigation, Freddy Civil, the younger brother of Blake Fielder-Civil, the singer’s former lover, died on April 26 of last year after a heroin overdose. The jury was told that 27-year-old Freddy escaped from a mental hospital and then checked into a Leeds B&B for £40 a night, where he injected himself with a lethal amount of narcotics.

Freddy was found face down in just his underwear when emergency personnel were called to the hotel where he was staying with a friend. Tragically, he was pronounced dead at the site.


No external injuries were discovered, according to the Wakefield Coroner’s Court inquest attended by Blake. He had “fatal amounts of morphine” in his bloodstream from the heroin injection, a pathologist told the jury.

Lisa Barker, a pathologist, testified in court: “It was listed as the lower end of the fatal range. “It may have outlived someone who was taking heroin daily due to tolerance, but it could have overdosed a chronic user. Even for someone with a history of heroin use, it was “in the fatal range.”

Freddy, the younger brother of Blake Fielder-Civil, who was born in Grantham, Lincolnshire, was the subject of a hospitalization order by a judge after being sentenced to HMP Leeds for an unspecified offence, according to inquest testimony.

Freddy Civil, the younger brother of the singer’s former lover, Blake Fielder-Civil, died on April 26 of last year. The cause of death of Blake Fielder-Civil’s younger brother was a heroin overdose. He died before checking into a £40-a-night B&B after fleeing a mental health institution, an inquest has heard.

Since the fall of 2018, he has been detained under the Mental Health Act at Newton Lodge, a medium-security facility on the grounds of Fieldhead Hospital in Wakefield, West Yorks.

What happened to Freddie?

Initially, Freddy was deemed to have paranoid schizophrenia, but the jury was told that it was more likely a chemical addiction rather than a mental illness.

Freddy had been taken to the hotel’s patient banking area on the morning of his death, where he had withdrawn around £100 in cash and bought a drink from a shop. However, on his way back to his hospital wing, he turned around the staff member escorting him and fled the unit premises.

The clerk tried to follow him but was unable to catch him and reported the disappearance to the police. However, ambulance personnel discovered him unconscious in his hotel room later that night and alerted the police.

After Freddy’s heroin injection, Freddy’s friend Dennis Lennon alerted hotel employees, according to police detective Charlotte Carroll.

Lennon reportedly rushed downstairs and instructed employees to “call an ambulance, I think he’s dead,” according to court testimony. “He overdosed,” when asked what had happened, Lennon said. The court heard that Lennon is being held and questioned.

He revealed to the police that earlier that day, he and Freddy had bought several beers. He was later released after police determined there was no evidence linking him to Freddy’s narcotics supply.

Lennon claimed that he was there to visit an old friend, but he also wanted to keep an eye on Freddy because he thought he would be in danger.

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