These 3 zodiac signs embark on a beautiful adventure this week, thanks to the new moon

Believe it or not, there’s *a lot* to look forward to, and three lucky ones zodiac signs will have the best week from November 21 to 27. After plumbing the depths of your own shadow, the sun will finally wrap up its journey through evocative Scorpio on November 22. What have you recently discovered about yourself? Despite the emotional ups and downs surrounding this fiery season, it provided us with a deeper awareness of our core selves.

It’s time to focus on the big picture. Where are you going? What are you doing to be more aligned with your goals and dreams? On November 21, the curious Mercury will join forces with Venus in Sagittarius, and this uplifting synergy will not only broaden our personal horizons, but also satiate our curiosities with endless possibilities. Collaborations, creative musings, and money-making skills are in the spotlight right now, so up and on!

After all, the sun unite Mercury and Venus the next day, and this will help to energize and manifest some of these colorful visions. Speaking of demonstration, there will be an abundance new moon in sagittarius on November 23, the same day that your celestial ruler, Jupiter, sets up directly. For those of you wondering, there is nothing more auspicious than that; be sure to take some time to reflect, so that you can plant your seeds of intention during this fertile phase of the moon.

If you sun sign me rising sign If you fall under any of the following zodiac signs, here’s why you’re most likely to thrive this week:

These 3 zodiac signs will have the best week

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Open your heart and make a wish. Clever Mercury and charming Venus are joining forces in optimistic Sagittarius on November 21, dazzling your heart-centered fifth house of love, passion, pleasure, and self-expression, all while its ruler (Jupiter) shines through your eighth. house of mergers and shares. . To infinity and beyond; everything from their unique love language to their relationship with self-love is emphasized at this time. The same goes for your inner child and the colorful array of talents your soul brought into this life.

If you’ve been inhibiting yourself from the joy and/or affection you crave, or perhaps choosing to stop celebrating your personal gain, things are changing for the better this week. This is especially true when the sun (your celestial ruler) joins Mercury and Venus the next day, but it doesn’t end there. The moon will renew itself in the same sign on November 23, bringing fertility and new beginnings to this area of ​​your life. You are reconnecting with yourself, and it is bringing you closer to everything you have been waiting for.

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Light some incense and set the mood. After all, with Mercury conjunct Venus in your sign, you’re just as inspired as you are vocal, whether it’s in terms of finances and creativity, or in your relationship with a significant other. You are in your element, and you are finding the courage to speak your truth, and everything you believe in is waiting for you on the horizon. Your visions are larger than life, and it’s making your solar season even more exhilarating.

What do you bring with you in this solar return and what are you willing to leave behind? There will be a beautiful new moon in your sign on November 23, and it will renew on the same day that your celestial ruler, Jupiter, rules the seasons. This fresh start could be something you were considering in the past, and the opportunity is suddenly coming back. Each experience is a muse.

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You are taking back your power, and this is just the beginning. In addition to feeling inspired and involved in your interconnectedness this week, Mercury and Venus are serving as a divine compass through your tenth house of career, reputation, and sense of authority. Follow your instincts and let your higher self be a guide to your next destination. How are your visions of the future? How can you expand your personal and/or professional horizons?

After the sun joins Mercury and Venus on November 22, energizing your 10th house of boss moves, the moon will make a makeover in this area of ​​your chart. Make a wish. What do you aspire to in your professional life? Perhaps you are reflecting on your future parenting skills or your relationship with a prominent parent; How have your belief systems evolved in the last year? A new you is about to show the world what you are made of.

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