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Bayonetta 3 was released at the end of October and received a lot of praise from fans, as well as generating some drama thanks to helen taylorit has now refuted the allegations of unfair industry practices. It seems like Bayonetta has been in the spotlight for months now, with something new coming up just as we’re all starting to forget about the franchise’s last big conversation. It looks like the pattern will continue, as we’ve just received an unofficial confirmation of Bayonetta 4.

The sequel came up during a tweet made by Hideki Kamiya, where he casually mentions a sequel to the recently released Bayonetta 3 while discussing the game’s ending. In the tweet, Kamiya discusses how gamers seem to misinterpret the ending of Bayonetta 3 and gives the unwelcome impression that a sequel couldn’t follow the ending of Bayonetta 3.

Here’s a rough translation of Kamiya’s tweet, which is in Japanese.

“I thought it was nothing unexpected… but the last part of Bayo 3 seems to have not been properly conveyed to anyone, so I think Bayo 4 will be unexpected for everyone… I’m sure when Bayo 4 comes out, there will be this thing that says: “You added that after the game, didn’t you? I’ll say this now because I’m sure when Bayo 4 comes out, there will be a lot of “You added it after the fact, right?”

For those who don’t know, Hideki Kamiya is a game developer in Japan and vice president of Platinum Games, the company behind Bayonetta. Kamiya is known for directing Resident Evil 2, Devil May Cry, Viewtiful Joe, and Ōkami, and was involved in the creation of Bayonetta 3, which means it’s safe to say he knows what he’s talking about.

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