‘Wednesday’ review: A supernaturally disturbing but welcome change to the Wednesday Addams fans grew up with

The mind of Tim Burton has given the macabre teenager Wednesday Addams a new version like never seen before. Actress Jenna Ortega heads the Netflix Serie Wednesday, as the infamous character has a coming-of-age story at Nevermore Academy. Keeping all the gloomy and grim characteristics that the fans had fall in love with Christina Ricci’s performance, Ortega shines darker as a version of Wednesday Addams that is a fresher, more haunting version. This review of Wednesday it is free of monster spoilers.

Moosa Mostafa and Jenna Ortega in the Netflix series ‘Wednesday’ | via netflix

Wednesday Addams is the definition of gothic with a hint of teen drama

In this review of Wednesdayexpect a deeper dive into how Netflix’s version of the series differs delightfully from the version many fans grew up with. For starters, the series has all the necessary ingredients to fulfill the teen genre and then some, perfectly blending the dark and decadent qualities of Wednesday Addams. Wednesday it portrays the horrible pitfalls of being a social outcast among boring humans. Like the trailer, Wednesday isn’t easy to read and shows no emotion, but she will. never let anyone take advantage of your little brother.

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