I’m a hot nurse – people always want to see me out of uniform and wearing a bikini leaves them speechless

UNIFORMS are often the opposite of what we want to wear outside the walls of the workplace, but we find ourselves spending a lot of time in them.

Nurse Cheryl decided to expose the sassy looks she wears when she’s not in her scrubs, and people were speechless when they saw her in a bikini.

Nurse Cheryl Reveals Her Outside of Work Outfits in a Recent TikTokCredit: TikTok/@mrscheryl95444

She loves to wear tight clothing and poses with confidence.Credit: TikTok/@mrscheryl95444

Cheryl prefers to share her life away from work on TikTok.

Despite all the videos showing her after-work outfits, Cheryl is constantly seen in her nursing uniform.

But her taste for fashion and style extends well beyond the required uniform.

Cheryl posted a Tik Tok revealing more of his creative off-duty looks that he loves to play sports.

“When they ask you how you look without your uniform,” the sound in the back blares.

Chery is seen sitting in her sanitary wear in three photos.

As the music speeds up, the screen flashes a photo of her in a white bikini with matching fishnet pants.

Following up this beach look for the day, the video shows Cheryl wearing a sheer black long sleeve and a fitted black leather skirt.

Under the top, you can see her black bra.

Four funky patterned looks flash across the screen as Cheryl alternates between sitting and standing poses.

Every outfit is form-fitting and flattering.

People loved her bikini outfit.

People loved her bikini outfit.Credit: TikTok/@mrscheryl95444

Cheryl often wears see-through and patterned clothing.

Cheryl often wears see-through and patterned clothing.Credit: TikTok/@mrscheryl95444

Wrapping up the slideshow of trendy get-out outfits, the nurse adds a photo of herself in skinny blue jeans and a cropped top with a deep V-neckline.

“Beautiful in and out of uniform,” wrote one honest viewer, while one simply said, “Queen speechless.”

One enamored man commented: “Very sexy in and out of uniform, just hot spot.”

Another intrigued viewer added: “You make all your clothes look good.”

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