I bought a used Kim Kardashian shirt – it was horrible, terrible and low quality, but it was the cheapest item at $65

A CONTENT creator bought a used Kardashian clan t-shirt and it didn’t get the best review.

Carlo, who goes by the TikTok handle @exhausted.boi, ordered one of Kim Kardashian’s used shirts, which he’s not a fan of, but ultimately kept.

Carlo bought a used Kim Kardashian shirt, which he was excited about.Credit: TikTok/exhausted.boi

In its Tik Tok VideoCarlo said, “You’re never going to believe what I just got in the mail from kardashian dress.”

Kardashian Kloset is a retail site where the Kardashian and Jenner sisters resell some of their iconic and lesser known pieces that they have actually used in the past.

Options range from relatively inexpensive parts to luxury items, including a $65,000 model Hermes Birkin bag.

“Let’s open it up,” Carlo said of his package, adding, “You’re presented with Kardashian tissue paper.”

“And inside is Kim Kardashian’s used shirt,” he exclaimed.

Carlo held up a tiny transparent white shirt.

“With shipping, this was $65,” he said, later noting that at the time of shooting this video: “It was the cheapest thing on the website.”

After sharing that the shirt had no tag or brand and was a size XS, he went to try it on.

The video shows Carlo wearing the mesh crop top, which is more reminiscent of a sports bra cut.

He wore it over his own graphic tee for modesty and posed, looking awkward and awkward.

“It’s completely pure, which I didn’t know until now. That was not on the website,” she revealed.

Carlo held up the shirt, which had no brand tag on it.Credit: TikTok/exhausted.boi

He seemed uncomfortable when he tried on the small piece.

He seemed uncomfortable when he tried on the small piece.Credit: TikTok/exhausted.boi

“My opinion is that this is a terrible jersey. It’s a horrible, terrible, low-quality jersey,” Carlo stated.

But he still found the final sale item to be a one-of-a-kind treasure, saying, “Now, I own Kim Kardashian’s shirt, so it’s fun.”

Although the website promises that “authenticated items owned and worn by Kim are now exclusively available at the Kardashian Kloset,” people had their doubts.

“IS THAT KIMS?!??” someone asked, while another commented: “She could never fit into that. They scammed you brother.”

“You were played,” someone else agreed, and another scoffed: “Struggle to understand the world’s ‘shirt’ wear here.”

People overwhelmingly agreed with Carlo’s negative review, with one saying, “He’s hitting Shein.”

Carlo said the shirt was terrible, but he still thought it was great that it was his.

Carlo said the shirt was terrible, but he still thought it was great that it was his.Credit: TikTok/exhausted.boi

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