I don’t know how to prepare it: Nigerian woman mourns her lover after her mother asked her to do a Pap smear


The WhatsApp conversation of a Nigerian couple that appeared online has sparked a mixture of amusement and puzzlement.

The man and the woman were talking about how she couldn’t make a porridge after receiving instructions from her mother.


He asked Folake, his lover, why she was spending so much time in the kitchen, and she replied that she couldn’t make the porridge her mother had asked her to make.

The lady explained that she’s been struggling in the kitchen to make it, but it wasn’t thickening because the one she made was runny.


The man mocked his baby’s cooking skills, but Folake further said that she couldn’t leave the kitchen until she learned how because it would be embarrassing to tell her lover’s mother that she couldn’t make porridge.

He then advised her to make custard, but she revealed that it would also be a challenge because she can’t make that either.

Read the talk below:

Below are some reactions to the viral conversation.

@Made_In_Waffi; “Preparing custard for her” like saying no, being the same process… ? Either this is a staging or the other person doesn’t know how to prepare me too. Na trash dey quote trash ?

@Abbey1st; Hahaha! This gen z is not going to kill me here with laughter ?.

@EngrWise1; Simple trick I learned from my wife, if it’s not thick just microwave in am, less than 1 min, porridge or custard doesn’t burn, thick

@adelinespeaks; I can cook very well and very nice but honestly speaking not knowing how to cook doesn’t make one less material as a wife, she may not be educated in cooking, all the guy needs is to help her, Youtube is there to learn and she can do better than you think.

@LGTBYA001; I remember my first dad when I was a child. Me and Dolpson made porridge, it’s not thick, since we put a lot of sugar in it and began to drink our water porridge.

@Sammy24042864; This is very simple, what determines the thickness of a porridge is the solution stage, if you add too much water before adding the hot water it won’t thicken at all. That first stage of mixing determines whether the result will be thin or thick.

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